29April 2020

Whether Your School Network Security Preserve or Obstruct Students Safety?

The surrounding BYOD market has a hype for the safety of the students that is well earned keeping in pace with reaching $367billion in 2022 as compared to the mere $30billion as of 2014. Therefore in terms of the technological advancements, it is great news and for this, it creates room and even opens a window for malicious exploitations. Thus in an educational environment, it is often an overlooked aspect of the accelerated BYOD growth which has the impact of it. The students of University often asks for help in writing difficult assignments like Network Security Assignment Help from the writers of BookMyEssay.

Actions Need to Take from Preventing BYOD in Interfering with the Safety of Students

The high configuration mobile phones and personal tablets that the students carry to school often creates an issue of increased demand that is placed upon the network infrastructure and also opens up with massive opportunities for the cyber threat if these are not handled appropriately by the students. Therefore along with the adaptation to these technology trends, it is crucial for ensuring regarding the safety of the students and the staff. While mitigating any potential risk, there is an advent of good news regarding the new technologies that comes with new ways of maximizing the benefits. Using such kind of tools such as analytics and network policy, it gives a granular view to the activity of the students and grants IT professionals. There should be a complete visibility into who is on their network. Even the real-time heat map shows the exact location of a device on the premise.

Apart from all these, it is concerned about the capabilities required to monitor which applications are being accessed and also for how long. It is highly crucial to take action as per the ability to detect the unrecognized devices and the unwanted visitors. It needs total control over the BYOD usage and the data flow. It has a simple and secured on-boarding facility along with the context-based control. When the user leverages the proper network solutions, then all of this is done under a single pane of glass. For the requirement of quality content in network security assignment help, the students can avail the service of BookMyEssay.

A Proactive Approach Provided to IT Leaders for Network Policy and Analytics

The school IT solutions can rest down easy, by the leveraging the action of solutions such as NAC with ExtremeControl by knowing that they are in the complete control of their network and thus can stop the threats of security immediately. Therefore, along with the topic of the Protecting and Monitoring Student Safety with Network Policy and Analytics, the expert speakers that lineup of school networking professionals would discuss the practical steps that are required to take maximize the network security, regarding the student safety and network performance.

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