27April 2020

The Ways Artificial Intelligence Shall Shape The Future Of Education

For several decades, futurists and science fiction authors have been predicting the immense benefits that shall arise after the advent of artificial intelligence. One place wherein artificial intelligence is expected to make massive changes in the education sector. Though there might not be human robots who shall act as teachers in the next decade, many projects shall use artificial intelligence for helping teachers and students to receive more from the educational experience.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a Computer Science branch that shall deal with machines to make them intelligent enough to solve problems like humans. AI creates intelligent machines. Intelligence is a study where one can create, understand, think, adapt things, memorize, recognize patterns easily, and can learn from past experiences or mistakes. A machine can be artificially intelligent when it can inherit all these qualities. It is based on three concepts such as computer science, philosophy, and physiology.

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Artificial Intelligence Shall Shape the Future of Education

Automate the Activities Like Grading in Education

In colleges, grading for large courses is a tedious job. In lower grades too, grading consumes a lot of time for teachers. Though AI might not replace human grading completely, it can be quite close. Teachers can automate grading for all tests. Essay grading software is in the nascent stages, but it shall improve in the forthcoming years and teachers can concentrate more on the class activities as well as student interaction.

Virtual Counselors

Virtual counselors who are available in different interaction styles such as wearable, voice, humanoid robotics and AR/VR help students with mentor ship and guidance in each step of their continuing education and higher education from course and institution selection to course completion and career planning. Instead of replacing the human counselors, they shall augment the counselor’s work so that counselors shall focus on strategic and meaningful work activities.

Provide Students with Feedback

AI can help students and teachers in crafting courses according to their needs. They can provide feedback about the course. Some schools that offer online courses use AI to monitor the progress of students and they alert professors where there are issues with the performance of students.

It can make Trial and error Learning Method Less Intimidating

The trial and error method is an important part of learning. However, many students find the idea of not knowing the answer or failing quite intimidating. An intelligent computer system can help students in learning with less trial and error. AI can provide students to experiment and they can learn in a non-judgmental environment. Al supports this kind of learning.

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