18October 2018

An Informative Guide to Writing a Research Proposal

A research proposal is a brief version of a real thesis that shows the key aspects of the study. While writing this proposal, you need to make sure that paper will justify the subject. For this, you need a set of essential skills including critical thinking skills, research abilities, advanced analytical skills, creativity, and communication skills along with sound subject knowledge.

The updated information of the current research trends helps in creating the informative proposal in concise language. Writers dedicated to providing research proposal writing help are equipped with all these skills and more.

Common Mistakes Students Usually Do

  1. Forget to maintain briefness
  2. Does not restrict the related boundaries of proposed research
  3. Copy and paste the information
  4. Giving much significance to small topics rather than important ones
  5. Careless writing with poor grammar
  6. Not create convincing and logical arguments
  7. Stay away from the main researched issue
  8. Not including the reference styles in a literature review

Follow step-by-step method as described below for research proposal writing:

  1. Title: It must be catchy, descriptive, and informative as well to draw the attention of a reader towards the proposal.
  2. Abstract: This is a short summary that describes the hypothesis, research question, and key findings. The word limit for this section would be around 200 words.
  3. Introduction: It must include basic information about the framework for the research issue. Start it with the basic statement of a specific problem, purpose, importance of proposal, main dependent & independent variables of an experiment, vital concepts, and also gives the accurate justification.  
  4. Literature review: This section describes the knowledge of the research issues, understanding of theoretical problems, a logical frame of research, and new theoretical insights. Trained writers providing research proposal writing help use proper structure and cite influential papers to provide readers the interesting story.
  5. Research methods: This section highlights the work plan and lists out the research methodologies used in the proposal. It should be present in a way that another researcher can easily understand it.
  6. Results: Give an overview of the information you are gathering and statistical process used to test the hypothesis (if any) and answer the question.
  7. Discussion: Demonstrate the impact of proposed research such as what would be its limitations and beneficiary points, etc.
  8. Bibliography: In the last, add a brief bibliography to represent the work related to a proposed topic.

What Would Be the Exact Length of a Research Proposal?

The total word limit of a proposal varies depending on the requirement of a particular college or university. But, the basic length is about 2500 words. It is recommended to carefully read the instructions regarding word limit before you start writing. College students can get from BookMyEssay team at 24×7 best coursework writing, homework assignment help in Manchester, and assignment writing service without any hurdle.

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