25January 2018

What Are Some Good Topics For Best Dissertation Thesis?

What is a Dissertation Thesis Topic?

A dissertation topic is the most important part of a dissertation. The strength and weakness of a dissertation depend upon the chosen topic. It is considered as the foundation stone on which the whole construction of a dissertation depends. Weak topic results in a weak foundation which can shatter your dissertation. Some students choose a bad topic which they realize in the mid of the dissertation when they stuck and can’t go further.

A dissertation topic should be chosen keeping following things in mind. First, you should have interest in the topic. Second, you should be aware of the contents of the topic. You should at least know what to write. Third, you should refine the topic to the extent that you can’t think anything else to write. Once you choose a strong and interesting topic, half work is done. There are various topics according to the discipline in which you are doing your course. The disciplines may be science, business, management, social sciences, law and many more.

What are some good topics for Good Dissertation Thesis?

The topics for a dissertation should be compatible enough to show what you have learned in your course. They should display an argument which you should either defend or work against. Try to give your best in defining your purpose. Here is a list of various topics you can choose for writing best dissertations.

Marketing Dissertation Topics:

  • The negative effect of commercials on young minds.
  • Branding impact on the behavior of the customer.
  • Marketing and lifestyles.
  • Social media as a tool to promote marketing.
  • How celebrities influence buying decision of consumers?
  • How does demand change with generations?
  • Consumer attitude towards food market.
  • A difference in decision-making process between male and female consumer.
  • Can language influence a product’s identity?
  • What may be the potential strategies to attract consumers?

Business Dissertation Topics:

  • Green Accounting policies adopted by various law businesses.
  • Balance sheet items: How to make them precise?
  • The importance of cash flow statement.
  • Approaches for improvement of the finance department of a business.
  • The correct usage of intellectual capital and properties.
  • The effectiveness of audit committees.
  • Different legal aspects of traditional trade and E-commerce.
  • Intellectual property: Regulation and retention by an individual.
  • How to make harmony between Sales and Marketing departments?

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