8September 2017

Get Online Art & Architecture Assignment Help in the UK at Your Doorstep

Art is a very old form of depicting nature and feelings. The earliest art forms were discovered from the caves inhabited by early humans. They used to portray their actions like hunting, rituals, forces of nature etc. Art as a study was taken much later. It became an academic subject in schools and colleges. It was studied in three broad divisions i.e. Painting, Sculpting, and Architecture. Art is taken along with c the aft. Art has an aesthetic definition while craft has a mechanical definition. The main aim of art and architecture is expression. Human beings are having a sense of imagination and creativity. With the help of this sensitivity, they have created marvels which are regarded as wonders of the world.

Importance of Art and Architecture

Art and architecture are parts of a philosophical subject called Aesthetics. It mainly deals with nature of art, its taste and beauty. It is the most powerful means of expression of human emotions, creations and feelings. By the cave paintings from pre-historic times we can have knowledge about the life activities in those days. Historical evidences are mostly based on art and architecture of that particular time which we talk about. Nowadays, everything is preserved as computer data in huge database servers. All the art and architecture is also conserved as digital images in computers. Art and architecture courses are therefore becoming very popular around the world. Several countries have set up universities dedicated to art and architecture. They provide separate degree courses in various disciplines like theory of art, history of art, architectural philosophy, cultural aspect of architecture etc.

What Is The Use Of Art And Architecture?

By the advancement in science and technology, art and architecture have also advanced. The Internet has taken art out of the museums and galleries to everyone’s digital domain. Now it has become easy for anyone to be an artist with the help of technology. For example, in cell phones, one can be a photographer due to advanced camera quality and effortless scene adjustment. In certain computer software, one can capture an image on the camera and reproduce it in another medium. Architecture on the hand totally depends on computer software. These software are very powerful tools to build realistic three-dimensional images of would be constructions. It can be one building or a whole town. It needs planning which is easily available with these computer software.

Problem With The Students

So by looking at the above points, we realize that it is not easy for a student of art and architecture to strike balance between creativity and technology. It is very difficult for him or her to give his/her complete justice to their assignments. It is expected from an art and architecture student that he/ she must be aware of the development which is going on in the art world around them. Other problems that students face while making an art and architecture assignments are:

  • Putting together thoughts into a proper coherent answer.
  • Writing in proper reference style as directed by the University
  • The problem in remembering all the concepts and thus where and how to use them.

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